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Chef Sin and Chef Zuz

We’re Chef Sin and Chef Zuz. The titles are intended to be ironic.

We’re not really chefs. But we love to cook, and we love to eat.

We watch cooking shows and take cooking classes. We’ve belonged to no fewer than four different cooking and dining clubs. We rarely eat fast food, but we crave a good burger or pizza.

We struggle with our weight. We worry about sustainable agriculture, racial and economic justice, and the environment. We recognize that we are among a fortunate minority of people, past and present, not forced to wonder when their next meal might come—and we believe, therefore, that food should always be treated as sustenance first, entertainment second.

Cuisine Stupide is all about the things we cook, the dishes and drinks we love, the food issues that we’re passionate about, and the things we discover through our kitchen trials and errors. The name of the site pays tribute to, and draws a sharp contrast with, the groundbreaking public television series Cuisine Rapide, hosted by longtime New York Times cooking columnist Pierre Franey during the 1990s.

Pierre was a skilled chef. It only looks like we know what we’re doing.




[Photo: Debbie Dakins]

6 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. It would be great to be able to comment on what you posts. For instance, I took the link to the Steve thing, where it says tha it costs $65 per person. Is that for the series or for each individual class… And hoorah for Steve getting back into the world of cooking!!

  2. Feel free to comment on any post. The first time you do so, there will be delay; after that, your comments should appear immediately.

  3. Hey Zuz! It may interest you to know that my husband, Pete, retired a year ago and turned our 10 acres into an organic farm.You name it, he’s grown it. He’s also taken over the cooking – or, as my 18-year-old son said, “My Dad retired, came home, and said, ‘Know your place, woman! Out of the kitchen!'” It’s been great! hope all is well with you…

  4. Wow , Tks for telling me about your cooking and dining web page. I will take a look. As you may remember we to love to explore different dishes and foods that are new to us.

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